Quality & Training Service for Al Bawardi Group conceived - Meant to Service Al Bawardi Group Companies for its Quality and Training needs

Nov 1997

Al Bawardi Group Quality & Training Dept established (Resources engaged from Certification Body, Oil and Gas Sector and Manufacturing Sector)

April 1998

Al Bawardi Quality (ABQ) launch to serve UAE markets for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and HSE Consultancy and Training. Partnerships with ASQ, Juran, Phillip Crossby and OTS established


June 1998

Along with ADCCI, ABQ (now Tatweer) initiated and ran first Abu Dhabi Quality Conference

Sept 1999

Along with ADCCI, ABQ (now Tatweer) initiated and ran 2nd Abu Dhabi Quality Conference


Sept 2000

In partnership with Khaleej times and Crown Plaza, Launched initiative of Quality Evening

Oct 2000

ABQ renamed as Tatweer - Performance enhancement

Dec 2000

Tatweer launches SKEA (Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award) Consultancy Service and helps secure the first SKEA AWARD for its client Emdad

Mar 2001

Etisalat awards training assignment for 1500 staff to Tatweer

Jan 2001

Tatweer has now serviced 100 plus clients for Management system consultancy and trained about 5,000 delegates on various management system and soft skills

Dec 2002

Tatweer services are revamped and new standards such as OHSAS 18001, API, ISO 20000, ISO 22000, ISO 27001, ISO 29001 etc

Jun 2004

Tatweer is now well-respected player in UAE market with 350 plus completed projects and 10,000 plus trained delegates

Dec 2008

Tatweer now services industry sectors such as Oil and Gas, Aviation, Industrial Manufacturing, Services etc

Dec 2010

Tatweer becomes among very few consultants approved by Environment Agency Abu Dhabi (EAD)

Dec 2012

Tatweer is accredited by Tadweer (Centre of Waste Management) as one of the few Environmental Consultants

Dec 2013

Tatweer is now accredited by OSHAD as HSE Practitioner

Dec 2014

Tatweer is now accredited by ACTVET - as license training provider

Nov 2016

Tatweer has now serviced 500 plus clients for consultancy with 99.2 % success rate and trained around 17500 delegates

Dec 2016

CSR initiatives of Tatweer through its life cycle -Projects for various schools in training teenagers on various managements system standards - Volunteering for information sessions to industry leaders

  • Life Skills projects
  • Toner Reborn Project
  • Coding Green Gene Project
  • Ask the Consultant Project
  • Reference Library - free resource material project
  • Dec 2016

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